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    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007
    10:43 am
    Life has beeen crazy lately, sorry I haven't posted. Jer and I decided to elope to Vegas over the long Columbus Day weekend in October. It totally pissed my parents off, but when we told them we would have a real ceremony in a few years when we can really afford it and do it our way, they were happy. We really just wanted to legitimately get our lives on track as husband and wife, and maybe my parents just needed time to truley understand that.

    Also, lots of morning sickness the past couple of weeks. I'm also late, but a pregnancy test revealed I am not currently pregnant. We haven't officially had that conversation, but I'm pretty sure we're trying. I'm not on the pill anymore, he knows that, and with no other protection (which makes things AMAZING now that we're married), I'm sure it's bound to happen. So I guess that makes us really trying for a baby. I am really excited for that possibility, and only time will tell.
    Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
    12:24 am
    My mom is really getting on my nerves about the wedding. I think we might be eloping instead (well, at least I want to elope now). How mad would she be if we showed up at home, already married? I think we would both be disowned from our families.

    But seriously. I'm trying to NOT be a BRidezilla over my wedding, i really don't care. Jer's niece is our flower girl, and my sister is one of my bridesmaids. But now she's pregnant and doesn't want to be in my wedding with the stomach. I think she expects me to wait for the baby before getting married and make the baby the flower girl. Fat chance. And mom's taking HER side! IT's not my fault you got pregnant! My life and my plans do not revolve around you and your's. We're not pushing this wedding back anymore. Take it or leave it, Jules. I hope the hormones that are surging will calm down before the wedding, and she will decide to be a part of my wedding party. She is my only sister and I love her, reguardless. My brothers, on the other hand... They already told me what they have planned for the bachelor party (they're coming out here for it, oh boy). I may be the one doing the disowning once everything is said and done. But, I love my baby, and he will have fun, and so will I, and life will go on.

    Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
    5:07 pm
    School was out yesterday. Todayy Ifinished packing up my classroom. I have no excuse not to write in here anymore, I'm thinking about adding some friends so I an get attached to livejournal like everyone else does. I think myspace ist stupid. I had one for awhile, but just stopped using it.

    Tomorrow I am going to have another fitting for my dress and have a trial run of my hairdue. We also are going on vacation in a few weeks. Well, "vacation", anyway. My parents invited us out. I can't wait to get into the city and go back to all my favorite bars. It's just not the same out here.

    Okay, really, time to add some freinds. Man I wish i had a Yuengling.

    Current Mood: happy
    Thursday, June 1st, 2006
    12:41 am
    I'm looking for some new LiveJournal friends here. I want to connect with people from the Chester County area because I'm hoping they can help me to plan my wedding.

    I keep forgetting that I have thisthing. I will try to write more tomorrow when I get home. Jeremy has bowling with the guys, and the girls all have finals to write and papers to grade. I'm using the same one from last year, and I already editted that so that it has questions about what I taught.

    Also, my parents are coming out to visit us next weekend. I'm excited, but not looking forward to it 100%. They are fundamental christians, or whatever, and have all but shunned me from the family. There will be arguments, oh yes. I hate that my parents can't see thatwe are living together because it makes the most sense. Insteadof each of us paying rent at a separate place, we are paying one rent bill a month and one set of utilities. The rest of the money is going to our wedding, which my family refused to help pay for. They should be lucky that they are even going to be invited.

    Anyway, I am adding new friends. Please add me back. I'm normal, I swear!
    Monday, April 24th, 2006
    11:11 pm
    Okay, this is my first entry and my first attempt at keeping up with this. Jeremy is in the shower and I am here (obviously, I guess).

    Here are some things about me (a start, I guess).

    I grew up in southeastern Pennsylvania. No I am not Amish.
    My favorite type of food is Italian. Jeremy is italian and a damn good cook. I'm lucky to keep him around.
    I think I have become a wine snob in my later years. My 'teacher friends' and I like to have wine parties. We go through a lot, but it is a lot of fun.
    My parents don't approve of Jeremy and I living together before we are married (but we are engaged). It is cheaper and simpler to do it this way, though, so we were able to convince them.
    I have a very awesome core group of friends. We are always around for each other, which is great.
    My favorite colors are in the orange-brown range. It's weird, but they look sweet on me, so that is why!

    Okay, I think Jeremy is out of the shower. Time for bed, oh baby!